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Is this a cyte four soar ayes ... ore watt?

Pardon the use of homophones in the line above - it is a bit confusing, I know - but as this site is all about homophones and homonyms, you'll understand why ... I hope!

Language is a fascinating topic. While it's not unique to the human species, our languages are probably the most structured and complex of all animals.

With greater complexity however, comes also greater potential for confusion. Creativity is in there of course, somewhere, but I think that confusion is king.

Am I being pessimistic? No, I don't think so ... nor am I disheartened.

My point is this: When communicating with each other, the probability for misunderstanding the other is greater than that for actual understanding, in the first instance. Simply reflecting upon your everyday conversation, with whomever, should provide ample illustration for you.

My earliest recollection for this confusion is a joke I saw, many years ago. It went something like this:

Two people are scrubbing a floor, using soap and brushes etc. One person stops, looks around and says: "Where's the soap?" The second, without pausing, responds: "Yes, you're right!" And, carries on working.

The confusion here, of course, is the identical sound of "wears" and "where's" (a contraction of "where is"). Now, if you think that's bad, the software I used to compose this essay and HTML is unable to identify the difference either! When I substitute "Wears" for "Where's" in the above joke, the software saw no grammatical or spelling errors!

(But the same goes for my opening line, above: the software is unable to see anything wrong with that sentence ... or the one at the bottom!)

To be fair to the software however, it's not programmed, of course, to hone in on such grammatical gaffes.

Which means that there's still hope for us, right?

While the potential for confusion is still rampant, almost all of it can be, if not resolved, then at least accommodated by making sure that we - all of us - really listen to each other.

Too many pay lip service to that idea, and are content to say instead: "Read my lips!"

That's a problem!

Now, if I were a New Yorker, I might be inclined to say: Fergeddabouda lips ... lissen to da sound, OK!

However, if you've never thought much about homophones and homonyms before this, then please take the time to browse through this site....

Just remember that, in the final analysis of human endeavors, when you strip away all the paraphernalia and accoutrements with which we all grow up (and disregarding - for the moment - basic necessities), there's one thing left only: conversation . Whew! That's how we started off, millions of years ago.

It's up to all of us to keep the conversation going.

No watt eye mien?

Thanks for taking the time to read through this page.

Roger signing off.
Roger Burke
Twitter: @mayapan1942

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AD HOC....

February 8th:
So ... now I'm tackling the conversion of my dictionaries into EPUB and other formats, for sale through Smashwords and Amazon. Not as easy as I thought it would be, especially concerning the ebook aspect.

Online searching unearthed four PDF to EPUB converters I can try out for free; although, if I must buy the software to get what I want and need, I'll do that. More to come....

February 15th:
Well, now - testing the above conversion software (plus others) this week failed to find any that could successfully convert from PDF to EPUB without error. There might be one out there, but I couldn't find it.

Hmmm ... I guess I'll be using some other method to convert to EPUB. Might have something in another week or so.

Twitter: @mayapan1942

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