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Curiously Common Words
You know the usual meaning(s) - now rest your mouse on it to find out another, not so common, meaning!

Dreams of adventure become reality when, in 1961, nineteen-year-old Roger Burke gets a job in New Guinea as a Cadet Patrol Officer.

Another Fool's Paradise

So ... come with Roger as he tackles the clash of cultures; the harshness and humor of colonial administration; patrolling in country; earthquakes, tropical diseases and other nasties; investigating murders and suicides; and just missing death by a spear in the gut....

Read a free sample from the ebook and order a full copy here for only $2.99.

February 1st, 2015
Happily, I can now announce the perfect bound, paperback edition of Another Fool's Paradise is now for sale at, and

Another Fool's Paradise at Amazon

Complete with forty plus photos of places visited and patrolled during my time in New Britain, you can order a copy - at $14.99 - by clicking the above image.

AD HOC....

2019, April

Well, March has ended and still we are working to get the homonym and homophone database converted for mobile app. Design requirements and layout are finalized; the coding and graphics are now under way.

Rest assured, however, that all ebooks for this site are still available for the foreseeable future. Only when the app is up at Google Play and The App Store will those products be gradually discontinued.

Sherry and I are working as quickly as we can to get the app done. And we apologize for the delay to those patiently waiting.

2019, July

The app, Sound Words, has been finalized and tested satisfactorily with a dummy database. Unexpected formatting issues, however, with my original database will require more time to modify before it can be used.

Realistically, those mods should be finished by mid-August or earlier. Thereafter, it will be quick to upload to Google Play and The App Store.

2019, September

Data base modifications have been successfully completed. The app is now being assembled and tested for later upload, hopefully this month. Not long now....

Twitter: @mayapan1942

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