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In Response To Many Enquiries, A Complete Homonym/Homophone Word List Is Now Available...All 9370!

Here it is - all the words that sound the same - the complete homonym/homophone word list.

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Roger J. Burke's Picture.

Hi ... Roger Burke here.

Thanks for dropping in to find out about Roger’s (smaller) Reference, our complete word list of homonyms and homophones...

I've received many emails, most of them queries about homophones or homonyms.

Here's a small sampling of what some have said ( all unedited ):

In particular, it has become apparent to me that many school students are often looking for lists or samples of homophones and/or homonyms.

Here's a small sampling you can read directly online (click here)....

But get the complete wordlist for only US$0.99 via PayPal by clicking below:

Or, like I said, click here to purchase using your own bitcoin!

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And remember, your privacy is guaranteed; please read our full privacy statement here, if you have any concerns or reservations.

Best regards,

Roger signing off.
Roger Burke

Curiously Common Words
You know the usual meaning(s) - now rest your mouse on it to find out another, not so common, meaning!

Dreams of adventure become reality when, in 1961, nineteen-year-old Roger Burke gets a job in New Guinea as a Cadet Patrol Officer.

Another Fool's Paradise

So ... come with Roger as he tackles the clash of cultures; the harshness and humor of colonial administration; patrolling in country; earthquakes, tropical diseases and other nasties; investigating murders and suicides; and just missing death by a spear in the gut....

Read a free sample from the ebook and order a full copy here for only $2.99.

February 1st, 2015
Happily, I can now announce the perfect bound, paperback edition of Another Fool's Paradise is now for sale at, and

Another Fool's Paradise at Amazon

Complete with forty plus photos of places visited and patrolled during my time in New Britain, you can order a copy - at $14.99 - by clicking the above image.

AD HOC....

2018, December

Now that our first app - Novel Words - is online (and advertised on this site), we can now proceed with the conversion of the main homonym and homophone database into an app for iPhone and Google Play.

In fact, that conversion is now under way, as I write.

Initially, I had figured on getting the job done by mid-2019. But, looks like it should be a done deal in the first quarter, probably by end March; and with the continued assistance from my partner and wife, Sherry. After which, I'm still planning to convert all other RR products here to the same mobile format, thus eventually dispensing with all ebook and printed versions.

I figure that will be easier all round for those interested. And, I'll continue to comment on progress here - more frequently, I hope.

Twitter: @mayapan1942

Here's the novel app about challenging words used in English literary fiction:

...for all students and readers of English literary fiction.

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