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End Confusion About Words That Sound The Same ... Once And For All.

Are all homophones the same? Find out with the Dictionary of Homophones & Words Commonly Confused!

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"Well ... what is a homophone anyway?"

Roger J. Burke's Picture.

Hello ... Roger Burke here.

Thanks for dropping in to find out about our dictionary of homophones and confusing words.

In all probability, homophones confuse us more than other words and that's because a pair (or trio, or however many) of homophones are always spelled differently.

Well, that's why they're called homophones, of course: words sounding the same, but spelled differently.

But, another problem is this: there are many words that sound similar to each other and often they confuse us more than anything else.

For example, say these three quickly, aloud to yourself: "illusive", "allusive" and "elusive". Despite what some people think, they are not all homophones simply because one of them is actually pronounced differently.

Similar, yes. But, not the same as the other two ... according to my Webster's dictionary (and others).

Further confusion occurs when we start truncating two words into one. For example, who hasn't been stopped by "its" and "it's"; or, by "they're" and "there"? Are you confused about "we'll" and "weal" (and, for good measure, "wheal" and "wheel")?

Who always knows the difference between "affect" and "effect"? And, how about "immanent", "eminent" and "imminent"? Do they all sound the same? Are they all homophones?

You'll have all those answers, and hundreds more, when you get this Dictionary of Homophones and Words Commonly Confused.

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Best regards,

Roger signing off.
Roger Burke

Curiously Common Words
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