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"Cry chiasmus! And let loose the blogs of words: Volume 2"

In this volume you get nearly twice
the number of original chiastic quotes.

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365 chiastic screamers ... once again tearing into sacred cows and refurbishing old sayings.

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Very big on sense.

Chiastic quotes and rhetorical notes from the fractured mind of Roger J. Burke.
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Welcome to this, my second volume of original chiastic quotes.

I'll keep this short, because I may tend to ramble on too much and bore you. More particularly, all that I have to say is contained in the quotes that follow. So, you can stop reading this now, and get stuck into them now, if you want to (for now, you can see some samples below )...

I have this to add, however: I've kept the same format I had for the first volume, for this one. All of the usual suspects are here:
  • Food;
  • Just Crazy;
  • Law;
  • Literature;
  • Philosophy;
  • Politics;
  • Relationships;
  • Religion;
  • Society; and
  • War.
Just click on any one to go directly to that page. I've tried to inject more humor, and I've included more examples of implied chiasmus, being just the opposite — or nearly so — of many a well known saying.

There's a total of 365 quotes. I didn't plan it that way, at all; it just so happened that, when the end of May 2002 was looming, I had concocted 362. My (self-imposed) deadline was May 31st, so I thought, what the hey — go for broke.

So, here you are: 365 quotes, being one-a-day plus irony, for each day of the year. Even one for your birthday!

Got a headache? Don't take a pill, take a quote. Want to piss off somebody at your next meal out? Have a look at "Food" for some choice morsels. Unhappy with your local or federal politicians? "Politics" has some observations you'd just love to pass on — to the wrong people.

Want to impress your buddies with your thinking prowess? Take a few samples from "Philosophy" or "Religion", memorize them and, at the right moment — amaze yourself at how quickly you get it wrong! Ahhh, just kidding, OK!

I thought about putting some crazy pictures and/or art work throughout the e-book, but I figured that would just get in the way of the words. It'd cost you more in ink to print it off, anyway, if you had to print off pictures too. Besides, if you want humor and funny captions with artwork, go by Gary Larson and buy Gary Larson instead. I would....

I have to say however, and I should have said this at the top, this e-book will probably offend those with delicate (shall I say?) sensibilities. Quite apart from the glee with which I tear into topics that are, for some, sacred cows, a few of my feverish observations are of the type that have to do with bodily functions and private habits — just the sort of disgusting(?) things most boys like to laugh about. Maybe girls also, but I'm not sure?

Anyway, as I'm now a seventy-something year old boy of 20 at heart, I have to say I still see the humor! I hope you feel the same way. (Rest assured though, there is nothing salacious, prurient or pornographic in this publication.)

On that note, I'll let you carry on. Enjoy!


Roger signing off.

So ... now, browse through a few in this volume. I hope you crack a smile or have a chuckle, as you read:

So, just click here now to get Volume 2. And, feel free to invite others to do the same.

Best regards,

Roger signing off.

Curiously Common Words
You know the usual meaning(s) - now rest your mouse on it to find out another, not so common, meaning!

Dreams of adventure become reality when, in 1961, nineteen-year-old Roger Burke gets a job in New Guinea as a Cadet Patrol Officer.

Another Fool's Paradise

So ... come with Roger as he tackles the clash of cultures; the harshness and humor of colonial administration; patrolling in country; earthquakes, tropical diseases and other nasties; investigating murders and suicides; and just missing death by a spear in the gut....

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February 1st, 2015
Happily, I can now announce the perfect bound, paperback edition of Another Fool's Paradise is now for sale at, and

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