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Cry chiasmus ... and let loose the blogs of words!

If you're hooked on homonyms and homophones,
find out here how you can make them sing ...
rhetorically, that is!

Long before I became passionate about homonyms and homophones — indeed, before I even knew about the terms — I would sometimes construct what I thought were interesting sentences with a twist.

Essentially, I'd try to use two words in a phrase in one sense, then reverse the words to produce a different sense ... if I could.

One of my very early efforts is this:

An even earlier attempt — perhaps not so insightful — was this one:

Those first attempts — and others not fit to reproduce here — made me fully realize the importance of sense and sound in the use of language. What I didn't know then is this: the phrase reversal that you see above has a specific name, called...

CHIASMUS (pronounced ky-AZ-mus)

I didn't know that until July 2001.

I'm sure you've seen more than one example of chiasmus in your travels. As a rhetorical device, I think there is no equal.

What is even more intriguing is that the man who brought this term to my attention — Dr Mardy Grothe — has a website devoted to the entire topic of chiasmus:

Following my discovery of chiasmus and Mardy Grothe, I got stuck into trying my hand, and created quite a few such quotes, to the extent that I now (2014) have three published volumes:

You can see a sample of those for Volume 1 by clicking here.

You can savor a few from Volume 2 by clicking here.

And, you can rip into more in Volume 3 by clicking here.

Now, seeing as how I can't stop, I keep thinking of more bons mots for your perusal (and amusement, I hope)....

Remember also, homonyms and homophones form the backbone of chiasmus...

So, to get you going with words that sound the same as each other ... well, you can get those right here, with Roger’s Reference!

Roger signing off.

Curiously Common Words
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February 1st, 2015
Happily, I can now announce the perfect bound, paperback edition of Another Fool's Paradise is now for sale at, and

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